Phaco deepvitrectomy





 - High vacuum venturi pump up to 500mmHg

- High speed vitrectomy up to 2300 CPM

- Including all features for posterior vitrectomy

- Gas fluid exchange (GFX) up to 100mmHg pressure

- Silicon oil injection and extraction up to 60bar pressure and 500mmHg vacuum

- Bipolar coagulation for internal external ocular usage for linear control of power via foot pedal

- Horizontal and vertical pneumatic scissors

- Bright cold light by LED source illuminator and use of 20G-25G fiber optic

- Dual linear foot pedal for simultaneously linear control of two output

- powerful phaco with continuous ,pulse, cool and burst mode control

- Automatic IV pole and tray

- Color touch screen LED 15" TFT

- User friendly graphical user interface (GUI)



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